Information Session For Nexia BT

As part of the outreach programme embarked upon in 2020, the Family Business Office has been organising events in collaboration with service providers where the Regulator of the Family Business Office meets their employees and explains to them the functions of the Family Business Office and the related incentives registered family businesses can avail of.

During one such event the Regulator of the Family Business Office, Dr. Joseph Gerada, visited the employees of Nexia BT,  following a request made by their management team, where an overview of the work of the Family Business Office and how the office could assist family businesses and clients of Nexia BT, was provided. Amongst other information, Dr. Gerada gave a presentation on the eligibility for registration under the Family Business Act, the various incentives available, and the process which needs to be completed to apply for such incentives. Should you wish to set a meeting with the Family Business Office or, require further information about how we can assist you and your clients, do not hesitate to contact us on