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MCE Limited was founded in 1976. The original scope of the company was to trade in plastic raw material and participate in government tenders.

<!–more–>MCE Limited was founded in 1976. The original scope of the company was to trade in plastic raw material and participate in government tenders. In 1982 the company moved to new premises in Valletta. The tool trading division was initiated, and this gave the company its future direction in diversification of trade.

Trading in electrical goods commenced in 1984 and in a very short time MCE Ltd established itself as a leading company in this activity. MCE started to stock and distribute electrical installation and lighting materials, including switchgear, cables, control gear and luminaries. The company’s operations continued to grow and by 1990 the company undertook the first stage of the construction of new offices and stores at MCE House at Qormi.

Construction of the new premises was completed by July 1991. Up till 1994 MCE Ltd restricted its activity to trading and minor contracts, mainly in lightning protection systems. From this date MCE started to venture into the contracting sector including large motor controls, lighting of sports arenas and promenades, installing of stand-by generators, central heating systems, and mainly lightning protection of building.

Jointly with international companies, refurbishment of power plant was also executed. During these years MCE was awarded various awards. These include the International Award for Commerce and the Quality in People Award. In 1996 another landmark was reached when after 18 months of hard work, MCE was successfully audited and certified by the British Standard Organization to Quality Assurance BS ISO 9002. Ten years later this was upgraded to BS EN 9001:2000.

Today the company operates its own quality procedures and is no longer externally audited. At this time, the company embarked also on the enhancement of the electrical division, by including water plumbing material. The division was re-named the Electrical and Plumbing Division.

2006 is another landmark year for MCE as the company not only celebrated 30 years but also initiated another new division, Heating and Ventilation. For the third time in its history, the company realized that it had outgrown its storing facilities, and in 2003 initiated the construction of the second phase of MCE House in Qormi. This phase included new parking facilities, additional storage area, larger offices, and facilities for a new shop for the Engineering and Tooling Division.

In 2018 the company had a restructuring of its shareholding where the spouses Ivor and Susanne Puglisevich purchased the stake holding of the other family members to become the sole new stake holders within the Company. New management, ideas, investments, and consolidation of the main company’s activities has had the desired effect to place the company amongst the major league players. Nicola, their daughter soon joined the management team, driving innovation and modernization within the company processes. During the latter months of 2021, the company embarked on another large investment in the refurbishing program of its two retail outlets with a completion date envisaged by mid-2022, by which time the Company would have overhauled its image and outlook