2018 In Numbers – Dr. Nadine Lia

This is why we are helping family businesses


Pythagoras said that numbers rule the universe and whilst family businesses will be the first to attest the importance of keeping tabs of numbers and figures we’d like to share with you some of our own numbers accumulate during the last year and hope to be able to provide even stronger numbers next year.

Over Euro 29 million of savings by family businesses thanks to the fiscal benefits, governance schemes and tax credits made available.

Over €12 million revenue raised fiscally for public funds.

Over 55,000 media views on social media

Over 4,600 users on the website

Approximately 2,000 emails received to the Family Business Office for assistance and support

Over 1,000 persons transferred their business to family members

15 events throughout the year

11 incentives and benefits for family businesses

4 local and European memberships

1 dedicated team

Recognised family business can apply for a variety of incentives and benefits ranging from fiscal benefits, governance incentives, tax credits, and bank finance schemes.